Cyber Deception for Defense


AdversaryMeter reconfigures your Cloud technologies to redirect attackers targeting your servers to tailored decoys. The result: trapped attackers, high-quality threat intelligence and precise KPIs.


Categorize the ongoing attacks (manual vs. automated), assess the technical capabilities of the attackers and evaluate their persistence over time despite IP rotations.


Seamlessly integrate decoys within your authentic digital assets, which may include websites, access points, or critical infrastructure components.

Tailored Threat Intel


The ultimate solution for constructing and deploying honeypots that stand guard on the internet's frontline. AdversaryMeter empowers you to strategically position honeypots to attract potential threats before they even reach your network. You're not just defending against cyberattacks; you're shaping the battlefield to your advantage.

Tailored Decoys


By ingeniously incorporating the ability to replicate your existing resources, AdversaryMeter takes the foundation laid by your Web Application Firewall to the next level. Like a digital chameleon, it dynamically reconfigures your WAF to not only reroute suspect traffic away from your vital assets but also seamlessly deploys exact copies of your authentic resources as decoys.


Replay Attacks

AdversaryMeter's decoys mimic your resources, enticing attackers and slowing their progress. This interaction provides valuable insight into their methods. Our vulnerability scanner leverages this data to simulate these attacks (in addition to our 50,000 pre-recorded scenarios) on your real assets, empowering you to gauge your system's resilience firsthand.

Key Benefits

Why choose us?

Our approach: restore a balance between offense and defense by discreetly inserting decoys among your authentic resources, such as your websites or access points.What does it mean for you? A centralized place to manage the security of your exposed infrastructure and the quickest way to improve your security based on realworld metrics.


25€ / month

Best for startups or small companies with few internet-facing servers.

  • 1 team

  • Unlimited users

  • Up to 3 honeypots

  • Up to 3 assets monitored


75€ / month

Best for mid-sized companies with a handful of internet-facing servers and a few services providers.

  • 1 team

  • Unlimited users

  • Up to 3 honeypots

  • Up to 10 assets monitored

  • Services providers delegation


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Best for enterprises with many internet-facing servers and a lot of services providers.

  • Unlimited teams

  • Unlimited users

  • Unlimited honeypots

  • Unlimited assets monitored

  • Services providers delegation

  • SOC integration

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