Cyber Deception for Defense


AdversaryMeter is a hybrid between a Honeypot and a Vulnerability Scanner that helps you get a better understanding of your organization's security posture and what should be done to take it to the next level. No installation required.


Categorize the ongoing attacks (manual vs. automated), assess the technical capabilities of the attackers and evaluate their persistence over time despite IP rotations.


Identify corrective & preventive actions. Explain in clear terms what the user should be working on next to improve his security posture.


Replay the attacker scenarios (in addition to more than 50 000 standard ones) against all your assets. Evaluate the impact of these attacks.

Tailored Threat Intel

Cyber Foresight

Equip your team with the power to anticipate, mitigate, and conquer cyber threats like never before. Don't just react – our Cyber Foresight feature empowers you to proactively safeguard your digital realm. Are you ready to embrace the future of cybersecurity?

Attack Surface Management

Cyber Scope

Elevate your security strategy to new heights with our Cyber Scope feature. Don't leave your organization's vulnerabilities to chance – take proactive control and ensure your digital assets are impenetrable. Ready to take the next step in safeguarding your digital landscape?

Services Providers Delegation

Cyber Delegate

Level up your cybersecurity game with our Cyber Delegate feature. Forge a powerful alliance between your internal team and external IT services providers, creating a synergy that's impenetrable. Don't settle for less – empower your IT service providers to deliver their best, while you maintain the ultimate control. Are you ready to revolutionize your cybersecurity approach?

Key Benefits

Why choose us?

Our approach: make honeypots, vulnerability scanners and AI work together to drastically reduce false positives and provide an intelligently prioritized action plan.What this means for you? A centralized place to manage the security of your exposed infrastructure and the quickest way to improve your security based on realworld metrics.


25€ / month

Best for startups or small companies with few internet-facing servers.

  • 1 team

  • Unlimited users

  • Up to 3 honeypots

  • Up to 3 assets monitored


75€ / month

Best for mid-sized companies with a handful of internet-facing servers and a few services providers.

  • 1 team

  • Unlimited users

  • Up to 3 honeypots

  • Up to 10 assets monitored

  • Services providers delegation


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Best for enterprises with many internet-facing servers and a lot of services providers.

  • Unlimited teams

  • Unlimited users

  • Unlimited honeypots

  • Unlimited assets monitored

  • Services providers delegation

  • SOC integration

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